On Problem Definition and Research Designing in the Logic and Methods of Political Inquiry


  • Makodi BIEREENU-NNABUGWU Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka NIGERIA


Logic and methods, political inquiry, problem definition, quantitative and qualitative research designs


This study interrogates the place of problem definition and research designing on one hand, and their interface with the logic and methods of political inquiry. Though broadly speaking, problem definition involves most of the activities that take place in the first three chapters of a research project, the focus of the paper is essentially limited to issues of Background to the Study, Statement of the Problem and Research Design option relevant in political inquiry. In a four interrelated parts, the paper among others problematized the study at hand, identified the focus and place of problem definition in a research process. The paper also dwelt on the essence and typology of research designing in political inquiry. In line with this, the primary logic inherent in this study is that political inquiry and related researches lend itself to two broad groups: exploratory research design, descriptive research designs and causal research designs for quantitative researches; and explanatory research design, interpretive research designs and critical research designs for qualitative researches

Author Biography

Makodi BIEREENU-NNABUGWU, Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka NIGERIA

Department of Political Science




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BIEREENU-NNABUGWU, M. (2023). On Problem Definition and Research Designing in the Logic and Methods of Political Inquiry. Socialscientia: Journal of Social Sciences and Humanities, 7(4). Retrieved from https://journals.aphriapub.com/index.php/SS/article/view/1775




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