Coalition-Building for Women’s Empowerment in Africa’s Informal Sector


Gendered spaces
game theory
grand coalition
African women’s cooperatives

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Chukwudum, Q. C. (2024). Coalition-Building for Women’s Empowerment in Africa’s Informal Sector: Towards Promoting Equality. Unizik Journal of Gender Research, 2(1). Retrieved from


African women working in the informal sector are in the majority nevertheless, their national and regional impact is minimal as they do not exert significant sustainable influence within their individualized spaces. This has further constrained their ability to expand and form consolidated networks across borders with women of like minds even though agriculture presents a common ground for this kind of cooperation. This study therefore focuses on how African women’s cooperatives/associations can maximize their benefits by forming coalitions across their respective national borders with the aid of a digital platform as the space of interaction. A simple simulated illustration is further presented to showcase how cooperative game theory can be used to model the beneficial impact of cross-border coalitions.