Black Feminist Writers’ Perspectives of Violence Against Women


Gender inequality
African woman
feminism and emancipation

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Onwuegbuche, L. O., & Urama , E. N. (2022). Black Feminist Writers’ Perspectives of Violence Against Women. Unizik Journal of Gender Research, 1(1). Retrieved from


Feminist movements were formed for women to defend themselves as they seek self, cultural, marital, economic, religious and political emancipation and gender equality in different societies they found themselves. The African woman and her peers in diaspora are subjected to other social oppressive conditions in addition to the inhibiting structures found in the developed countries, especially economic deprivations and violence against women. Using Feminist theories, this study exposes violence against women as they are represented in some selected African and African-Diasporic literature. It advocates for justice and equity by highlighting the need for African women and women of African descent to liberate themselves from insidious cultures, traditions, customs, norms, and values that have denigrated and designed their lives for social injustice and violence against personhood and its accompanying ramifications in society.