Covid-19 and Sexual/Gender-Based Violence (SGBV)


sexual violence

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Eteng, M. J., & Eyisi, E. C. (2022). Covid-19 and Sexual/Gender-Based Violence (SGBV): The Experiences of Women and Children in Locked-Down Homes in Nigeria. Unizik Journal of Gender Research, 1(1). Retrieved from


Empirical evidence from reliable institutions show that COVID-19 exacerbated Sexual and Gender-Based Violence (SGBV) on women and children, because the restriction of movements imposed by the State to curb the spread of the virus unfortunately locked down women and children at home with their abusers without opportunities for escape or external intervention. The paper was guided by the insights provided by the political economy and radical feminist theories which formed the framework. This is because the Nigerian patriarchal society engendered inequalities, alienation and structural violence which formed the basis for domestic violence against women.  Descriptive research design was used as a method of study. The paper explored secondary data using official statistics from government ministries, departments and agencies, journal publications and reports from the national and international non-Governmental organizations (NGOs). Data were analyzed using content analysis to ensure the validity and reliability of the data. The types and dimensions of SGBV; the major triggers of the SGBV; the quantum leap in the SGBV incidents and the impact of the SGBV on women, children and the family during the lockdown were the major objectives of the paper.  Findings showed an exponential increase in SGBV incidents; increase in SGBV triggers such as economic alienation, increased alcohol and substance intake; and severe impact on women and children all round well-being. The paper recommends a revitalization of social security and social services; the strengthening of institutions that will make relevant agencies` response to SGBV incidents swifter as well as structures that will address gender inequality, economic and social injustice in the society.