Modern Day Slavery


Girl child
Human right

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Bentina Alawari, M. (2022). Modern Day Slavery: A Case of the Girl Child in Nigeria. Unizik Journal of Gender Research, 1(1). Retrieved from


A slave is a person who is treated like an object or property. The slave does not have the rights which ordinary people have. The slave belongs to someone and thus, is subject to that person who has the right to treat him/her anyhow. This study examines how the girl child is treated in selected communities in Anambra and Eboyi States of Nigeria and the effects of this treatment on the social wellbeing of the girl child. The objective of the study is to unveil the abnormal treatment given to the girl child and give suggestions on how to reduce such treatment. The study employed the mixed research method which involves the use of both quantitative data which involved the use of questionnaire and qualitative data collection technique which involved the use of in-depth interview. Data collected with the quantitative method was analyzed using simple percentage and description while data collected through the qualitative method was transcribed and presented to support the quantitative data. The study found that the girl child is highly cherished in the selected communities. However, they are given out as domestic servants or early marriage. These affect their social and mental wellbeing. It also affects their opportunities to develop and make progress in life. Decisions on their wellbeing are taken on their behalf by father, mother, brother or uncle as the case may be. Based on the findings, the study suggests that there should be a re-orientation of the public on the value of the girl child and the dignity of human life. It also suggests that the girl child should be enlightened to know her rights through quality education.