Importance and challenges of fine art education on Nigerian child


Fine art
Art Education
Nigerian Child

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OKPALUBA, V. V. (2023). Importance and challenges of fine art education on Nigerian child. JOURNAL OF CHILDHOOD AND PRIMARY EDUCATION, 1(1). Retrieved from


This paper explores the meaning of art. It expresses the breakdown of the importance of art to the Nigerian child. It points out key facts of how Fine art education is influential to the life of the Nigerian child. Studies show that art plays vital role in the development of the child. Development of artistic skills is debated as essential to the natural development of children, which helps them properly to be better in the society. A number of challenges face by the art subjects in the schools, lack of professional teachers and materials. The idea of using improvised materials was also encouraged. Some recommendations were made such as; The Nigerian government has to play a vital role in ensuring the importance of fine art to the Nigerian child, make adequate provision of professional teachers and resources.