Faith Based Organizations and Strengthening Local Communities in Nigeria

  • Albert T Akume
  • Banji M Adepoju
Keywords: Service Delivery, Local Community, Empowerment


The efforts of government to reduce poverty and development deficits in most communities have failed to achieve the desired result because of lack of funds, corruption among others. Inadequate funding has ensured that most government well intended strategies to confront poverty and community development are unmet. This challenge informed the need for faith based organizations (FBOs) intervention. FBOs represent a moral entity that seek to challenge the wrong in favour of the right and to alter the inequitable distribution of power and resources in favour of the disenfranchised in the society. Despite the significant role that Church FBOs play in providing safety net to disadvantaged individuals and communities for many decades, FBOs activities were ignored in the mainstream discussion of human development. Consequently, available data do not tell the whole story of the contribution they making to local development. Hence, there ae few data points of reference when discussing FBOs empowerment efforts in local communities. This paper therefore examines some of the practical local development activities in diverse arrays of settings that church FBOs are doing to serve the underserved in local communities in Nigeria.

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