About the Journal

Articles must be well written and original. It should not be under consideration for publication in another journal or any other forum. Contributions are welcome in forms of research reports, formulation of theories, critiques of extant ones, reviews or critiques of books or other applicable intellectual productions. We consider manuscripts from all social-science disciplines and related fields. Articles must be written in English using the latest APA referencing protocol. They should be typed double-spaced on an A-4 paper and not exceed 20 pages including illustrations, notes and references, and submitted by email to the address at the end of this advice.


Please take the following into account in preparing your manuscript.

The font to be used throughout is Times New Roman.

Use 14 point bold for the title and do not underscore.

Use 12 point bold for the subtitles and do not underscore.

Use 12 point light for the main text.

Flush all sub-titles to the left and number them, e.g. 1.0 Introduction, 2.0 Flood Theory, 2.1 Flood Theory and the Nigerian Case, as the case may be.

Use the British spelling, except where expressly not applicable for technical reasons. You may use the latest edition of the Oxford advanced learner’s dictionary or Longman dictionary of contemporary English as guide.

Italicise all non-English words.

Use the current APA (Harvard) citation format for all in-text and end-of-text references.

After due peer reviews, authors whose manuscript are accepted for publication will be required to submit final versions in both hard and soft copies.


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