Partner Violence against Women in Zimbabwe

Prevalence, Forms, and Implications for Legislations


  • Tendai K. Dengezela University of Zimbabwe
  • Albert Makochekanwa University of Zimbabwe
  • Stanzia Moyo University of Zimbabwe


Partner, violence against women, prevalence rate, gender-based violence, human rights, domestic violence act


This study aimed to investigate the prevalence of partner violence against women (PVAW) in Zimbabwe, with a specific focus on the districts of Zvimba and Karoi. The research utilized a mixed-method approach, incorporating both quantitative and qualitative methods to gather data. Questionnaires were used to collect information, while focus group discussions (FGDs) and in-depth interviews (IDIs) provided valuable insights from participants. The findings revealed that the overall prevalence rate of PVAW was 63.5%. More specifically, sexual, economic, physical, and emotional partner violence against women were prevalent at rates of 18.5%, 37.1%, 43.3%, and 46.1% respectively. The results highlight the significant violation of human rights that PVAW represents and emphasize the urgent need for comprehensive legal frameworks to address this issue. Although laws such as the Domestic Violence Act and the ongoing consideration of the Women's Anti-Discrimination Bill exist to address PVAW, their implementation and enforcement are hindered by various challenges. This study underscores the importance of strengthened coordination among different institutions and emphasizes the necessity of education awareness, transparency, and accountability in the implementation and enforcement of these laws. Efforts should be made to strengthen legislation that criminalizes all forms of partner violence and ensures the protection of survivors.

Author Biographies

Tendai K. Dengezela, University of Zimbabwe

Department of Economics and Development

Albert Makochekanwa, University of Zimbabwe

Department of Economics and Development

Stanzia Moyo, University of Zimbabwe

Department of Demography Settlement and Development




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