Sustainability in community development Micro-Projects Programme 3 (MPP3) in Niger Delta region of Nigeria

  • Oghenechoja Dennis Veta University of Ilorin, Ilorin, Nigeria
Keywords: sustainability, micro-projects, community, development, Niger Delta


This study sought to investigate factors militating against the sustainability of development projects executed under the Micro-projects Programme 3 (MPP3) and how to mitigate such factors in some locations in the Niger Delta region of Nigeria. A cross-sectional survey design was adopted for the study. The multistage sampling technique, comprising cluster, purposive sampling, and systematic sampling methods, was adopted. A questionnaire schedule, In-depth Interview (IDI), and Focus Group Discussion (FGD) guides were used for data collection. The data analysis was based on 1,574 questionnaires, which were duly completed and returned. Eighteen FGDs and twelve IDIs were conducted. Analysis of quantitative data was done using SPSS Version 22. Boreholes water, markets, health centres, generator house, and staff quarters were the projects executed under the MPP3, in the study communities. The projects were mainly unsustainable especially as a result of inadequate community involvement in the execution of the projects in the study areas. Recommendations were made on the need to involve social workers in MPP3 and other development programmes so as to attain sustainability in these development initiatives.

Author Biography

Oghenechoja Dennis Veta, University of Ilorin, Ilorin, Nigeria

Department of Social Work