• Nnenna Onyeaka Oji
  • Chijioke Chinonso Uduonu
Keywords: education system in Nigeria, ubiquitous secondary sources, restructure of the education system


Undoubtedly the Nigerian education sector is in a state of quagmire. This paper attempts a critique of the present day Nigerian education system, the intellectual capability of its products and its effect on the Nigerian State. It is obvious that the Nigerian education system is in dare need for restructuring. The quality of a country's educational system plays a great role on her security and economic growth. The paper argues that a restructure of the education system of Nigeria is necessary for solving most of her domestic problems. One synonymous thing to every society is the quest for progress and little or no dependence on other societies. This is lacking in Nigeria. Hence, the urgent need for the Federal Government to restructure the Nigeria's education system, so as to be in line with global trend, where little emphasis is laid on who passed and who failed, but on the knowledge they acquired and what they can do with it. Unfortunately, the education system in Nigeria is too examination and academic calendar conscious. The overall effect is that the need to pass examination has been prioritized against the need to gain the required knowledge. The study relied on qualitative research methodology sustained by ubiquitous secondary sources.

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