Democracy of Miscreancy

The Developmental Somersault


  • Harry Obi-Nwosu Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka Nigeria


Constitutionalism, democracy, development, miscreancy, social responsibility


This paper on ‘Democracy of miscreancy: the summersault of development’ analytically showcases the nexus among the variables of democracy, miscreancy, and national development. Democracy is functionally defined as a form of government by the people through elected representatives, a country governed by its people, and political, social or legal equality. In a constitutional democracy every and any other regulation or law that contradicts or significantly mal-adopts relevant sections or articles or provisions of the constitution is to the extent of such contradiction or inconsistency declared null and void, and of no effect, it follows that all other guidelines for ordering conduct even at the remotest levels must be consistent with the democratic principles and paradigms. Development encompasses higher level of attainment in, and appreciation of civics, egalitarianism, leadership, science and technology, and security, hence it may well be said that the level of constitutional democracy obtainable in a country is the measure of the country’s development. Since miscreancy describes iniquity, injustice, wickedness, villainy, or wrongdoing, and mindful of the foregoing as concerns of ethics and justice, it suffices that at any level, unethical, unjust, and despicable behaviour which define miscreancy are contrary to constitutional democracy. Indubitably democracy as obtained in African states that include Nigeria is more of miscreancy, and is the antithesis of development. The Social Responsibility and Role Integration Theory predicts that development could only be attained in the absence of pervasive miscreancy, hence the need for psychological health certification of anyone pointed at leadership roles. 

Author Biography

Harry Obi-Nwosu, Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka Nigeria

Department of Psychology




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