Greening Feminist Political Ecology

Women Community-Based Organizations in Climate Change Initiatives in the Niger Delta of Nigeria

  • Thaddeus Chidi Nzeadibe
Keywords: Niger Delta, feminist political ecology, climate change, community-based organizations, green initiatives, environmental issues


Collective environmental actions in the Niger Delta
region of Nigeria have tended to be dominated by males. Climate change remains a major environmental challenge to communities in the region. Yet, green initiatives qf Women Community-based organizations
(WCBOs) for adaptation to climate change in Niger Delta have remained unrecognized. Qualitatively-driven and drawing on insights from feminist political ecology (FPE) framework, and social movements literature in Africa, this study pays particular attention to climate change awareness and adaptation initiatives of WCBOs in the Niger Delta. It explicates the hitherto unexplored socio-ecological role of WCBOs in climate change communication and adaptation. The study
avers that WCBOs in the region possess agency for constructive climate change engagement, arguing for leveraging WCBOs for effective and rapid awareness-raising about climate change adaptation at local and
regional scales in the Delta. It further argues that such feminist green initiatives which tend to directly challenge the marginalization of women over environmental issues could yield a reconfiguration of gender relations in the region.

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