Nnadiebube Journal of Education in Africa amongst others (Nnadiebube Journals of Social Sciences, Philosophy and African Cultures and Humanities) are published by Nnadiebube Academy of Philosophy, Social Sciences, Humanities and Educational Research, (NAPSSHER), is a subsidiary of Students’ Advocacy Against Destructive Attitudes, (SAADA). Nnadiebube Journals (NJs) are professionally peer-reviewed quarterly journals that publish well researched scholarly articles on Philosophy, African Culture, Sustainable Development, Society, Humanities, Religion, Education and Social Sciences. Nnadiebube Journals, published in loving memory of Rt. Rev. Msgr. Martin Okeke Maduka, Rt. Rev. Msgr. Martin Okeke Maduka, Nnadiebuebe, (1920-1995), a protagonist and crusader of Inculturation. These Journals, published in his memorial by astute and authentic thinkers ever proud of their African culture will definitely contribute to promotion of African Studies.