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Stephen Chukwuma, A., & Nzube Christian , E. (2024). MIGRATION, SECURITY AND SOCIAL DEVELOPMENT IN SUB-SAHARAN AFRICA. Nnamdi Azikiwe University Awka Journal of Sociology, 7(1). Retrieved from https://journals.aphriapub.com/index.php/NAUJS/article/view/2486


The paper, Migration, security and development in sub-Saharan Africa discussed how migration in sub-Saharan Africa which hitherto had been an exercise geared towards people’s self help can begin to be a threat to people and nations. It showed that over history, migration meant the movement of people especially of whole groups of humans from one place, region or country to another for the primary reason of moving to a place better than the first place with the intention of setting there temporarily or permanently and finding livelihood. The paper highlighted a number of factors, natural and social as causing human migration over history including the lure of more favourable regions, some adverse conditions as a result of the home condition of people. It also showed that the rise of industries and capitalism further stimulated migration as people search for employment and greater economic opportunities in urban industrial centres. It showed how the rise of the concept o f globalization and advances in transportation, education, communication among others has helped to increase the rate of migration. With the increase in migration rate is also the increase in the security risks involved. The paper therefore discussed how to weakening of borders. It showed that insurgency in many parts of Africa has again intensified the rate of migration in sub-Saharan Africa and that many of the people who mover are mercenaries who are hired to flight in foreign countries and against their home countries as a means of making money. Lastly the paper discussed the security risks of migration today which led people to try crossing the Sahara and other deserts on foot while others try to cross the Atlantic Ocean and other waters in mere boats and canoes which invariably expose them to many security problems.