• BEN M UMARU, Prof University of Abuja
  • SOLOMON J D ZHIYA University of Abuja
Keywords: mix-sex schooling, Societal Menace, Teenage pregnancy, untimely pregnancy, risk of peer pressure, acts of sexual intercourse as a teenager


This paper titled "Teenage Pregnancy as a Societal Menace: Implication for Parental Guidance”, found that Teenage pregnancy is as a result of early dating, peer group pressure, and parent's occupation / business among other causes of teenage pregnancy in our society today. The paper discussed some problems encountered by teenage mothers such as health issues, schooling, economic issues, relationship and depression. Also in the paper is a detail discussion on the implication of teenage pregnancy and possible solutions to teenage pregnancy. Based on the findings, it is recommended that Parents should monitor their children when they approach teenage age so as to monitor early dating. This is because at this stage, their life is more in the control of external influence than theirs, and whatever mistake they may make can become a stigma later in life; also, mix-sex schooling should be encouraged because in mix-sex schools, students get used to the opposite sex and relate like brothers and sisters, interact freely and share thoughts without anxiety or contrary, untoward desire; sex education should be included in the school curriculum, where teachers are allowed to teach female children on the risk of early dating and pregnancy; government should create programmes that will directly handle cases of teenagers with untimely pregnancy; government through the media should assist in creating awareness on the dangers of engaging in pre-marital and unprotected sex as this could help teenagers abstain from the act; it is also recommended that community should assist in frowning at anti-social and anti-cultural activities teenagers engage in, that could result to untimely pregnancy, and that religious leaders could also help to educate the teens on the risk of peer pressure, and to preach against the sinful acts of sexual intercourse as a teenager and its effects.

Author Biographies

BEN M UMARU, Prof, University of Abuja

Department of Arts and Social Science Education

SOLOMON J D ZHIYA, University of Abuja

Department of Arts and Social Science Education