Effect of leadership on employee performance in Olakleen Holdings Limited


  • Olusegun Samuel Ogundare Ajayi Crowther University, Oyo


employee performance, Olakleen holdings Limited, leadership styles


The study examined the effect of leadership on employee performance in Olakleen holdings Limited. Other studies had mostly examined leadership styles and orientations with different outcomes and findings. The study examined leadership as mentoring, charisma, influence and motivation, while employee performance was examined to include employee commitment, employee effectiveness, measurement of work related errors and customer satisfaction. Path goal theory and situational theory was considered relevant to this study because it deals with the fundamental objectives of the discourse and the contemporary overview of what leadership connotes. A total of 170 questionnaire was administered but 162 was returned and analysis was done with SPSS Statistical software version 26.0 and decision rule for accepting significant level for any relationship or differences tested was P<0.05 level of significant. Regression analysis was used to test the hypotheses in order to achieve the stated objectives. Findings from the study revealed that leadership is essential for employee performance and recommended that leaders should be more responsible and imbibe charismatic attitude and characters that will make them a mentor rather than a judge so that their sphere of influence on their followers will yield the right impetus that will motivate performance.

Author Biography

Olusegun Samuel Ogundare, Ajayi Crowther University, Oyo

Centre for Part-time Studies