Leadership character

A prerequisite to human resource development and national transformation at the grassroots in Nigeria

  • Mary Basil Nwoke, Ph.D University of Nigeria, Nsukka
Keywords: Leadership character, human resource development, national development


This study examined leadership character as a prerequisite to human resource development and
national transformation at the grassroots in Nigeria. The study enunciated the qualities of a good leader that impact positively on human resource development and transformation at the grassroots and paves the way to national development and transformation. This write up highlights how leadership character/quality can ginger human resource development and transformation and alleviate the problems of the people at the grassroots. A good leader gives priority attention to the most basic needs of the people and optimizes human resource
development among others. The leader governs both wealth and human resources of the nation, and the most important is the human resources. Good leadership never allowed the able bodied citizens to lie idle to the detriment of national development. As it is observed that many skilled Nigerians are not gainfully employed. The good leader creates job opportunities for skilled, semi-skilled or even unskilled peoples according to their abilities thereby transforming human resources to the grassroots. There are some countries that do not have mineral resources, but
their leaders have regard for human resource development and transformation. The leaders of
such countries trained and developed human beings who later turned and developed their nation.
The study suggests periodic leadership training for the new breed of Nigerian leaders on how to develop human resource and transformation at the grassroots.

Author Biography

Mary Basil Nwoke, Ph.D, University of Nigeria, Nsukka

Department of Psychology