International Social Work – A Challenge to Nigeria

  • Lisa Ziegler University of Applied Sciences, Würzburg-Schweinfurt (FHWS), Germany
Keywords: International social work, global inequalities, local realities, social work contexts


This paper presents ideas on International Social Work in the context of the connections between global issues and local realities. It does not present a guide on how International Social Work is to be done in Nigeria, nor to present solutions to problems encountered in the context of International Social Work. It does not provide answers to all questions one might have about International Social Work, rather it intends to raise our consciousness with regard to issues to consider when talking about International Social Work. The paper opens with an example from the West African context to illustrate the interconnections between global structures and systems and local realities on the ground. It goes on to summarize major contextual factors and some themes for International Social Work one needs to discuss if one intends to extend the scope of Social Work from national to international. Finally, it suggests some approaches on how Social Work profession can respond to issues and problems. The paper concludes that there is need to address global inequalities within the local context; reconcile national to international social work approaches to deal with the situations on ground, and a change in work attitude of social workers for the good of society.

Author Biography

Lisa Ziegler, University of Applied Sciences, Würzburg-Schweinfurt (FHWS), Germany

Faculty of Applied Social Sciences